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Is your power wheelchair forever getting stuck, breaking down and endlessly needing charged? We are a UK based company, founded by a powerchair user, with a mission to change what mobility means!

This is an opportunity to be a trial user for an innovative mobility business which has developed a next generation power wheelchair.

The Freedom One Chair is a next generation lithium powered brushless motor wheelchair, delivering unparalleled range, charging intervals, reliability and customer service.

  • Lasts up to 30 real world miles per charge
  • Uses next generation technology
  • Built for reliability and manoeuvrability from the ground up
  • Engineered for constant use with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Designed around you – making the chair desirable, rather than clinical
  • Customer service that keeps you moving

Be one of the first to try our chair for FREE! Be part of our user trials programme and be a part of changing what mobility means!

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