Your absolute freedom to live

The Freedom One Life Series 5 powered chair has been created with just one thing in mind — your absolute freedom to live. Because unlike most other powerchairs on the market, the Freedom One Life Series 5 is the brainchild of a powerchair user who understands your frustrations.

Variety of seat sizes, tilt and lift

With Freedom One Life Series 5 you’re in control.

High torque motors deliver three times greater power than the industry standard.

With a variety of seat sizes, up to 50° tilt and optional lift seating system.

A top speed of 13km/h combined with wide, shock absorbing rear tyres make the Freedom One Life Series 5 ideal for day-to-day commuting, business conferences or wherever you want to go.

Ground breaking range

Make unreliable batteries that lose their charge at inconvenient moments a thing of the past.

The Series 5 provides you with a life changing 40km range in real world conditions before the need to charge.

No more embarrassing pit stops means more time with colleagues, friends and family.

An on board charger removes the need for a bulky charging device and frees up valuable storage space for the things you’d rather take with you.

Comfort safety & reliability

Whether going to the office, attending a social gathering or travelling to the other side of the world, the Freedom One Life Series 5 powerchair provides the ultimate in comfort, safety and reliability – short haul and long haul.

Made in Britain

Made in Britain using premium grade materials, the Freedom One Life Series 5 is one third lighter compared to equivalent powerchairs on the market.

Easily removed backrest with accessible lift points for safe stowage of your powerchair on the move.

Over 10,000Km road test

Road-tested 10,000km and across continents by our founder Alex Papanikolaou, the Freedom One Life Series 5 is reliable, luxurious and perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Relax safe in the knowledge that your Freedom One Life powerchair Series 5 has your back.

Unbeatable power, outstanding comfort and unrivalled functionality keeps you in the driving seat for longer.

24/7 Support

At Freedom One Life we find solutions to problems other powered chair manufacturers take for granted. But should the need ever arise where you need to call our support team, we’re here for you 24/7, giving you around-the-clock peace of mind.