New Zealand – Part One

I crossed the country North to South with buses, cars, flights, flights, taxis and trains. A journey filled with unique...

New Zealand – Part One

You may be thinking, there’s another video of Alex showing off at the other side of the world and what has that got to do with his wheelchair?

Past bad experiences, or the risk of something going wrong, outweighs the benefits and enjoyment of travelling and going on holiday for most powerchair users. Traditional powerchairs are not designed for long-distance, enduring travel. The highest risk is arriving at an exciting new place after a long flight with a damaged powerchair. As a result, many powerchair users don’t travel, or don’t go very far.

Series 5 is designed as we say, to be forgotten about, to let you focus on the journey, the destination and everything in between.

From Machu Picchu to the Great Wall of China, I already have a reputation for pushing the boundaries of travelling independently with a powerchair. I’ve been around the world to incredible places, and some that probably keep my Mum up at night!

Series 5 had its debut in September 2019 which gave me fresh motivation (as if I needed more) to look at a world map and ponder – where next! For its maiden long-haul voyage, as usual, I had to go as far away as possible, to the literal other side of the world – New Zealand.

As well as transcontinental flights, I crossed the country from North to South with buses, cars, flights, flights, taxis and trains. A journey filled with unique experiences, loads of adventure, and jumping off a few things!

This trip was made possible by the Series 5, it got me in and out of everything I wanted to do, in the way I wanted to do it. The reason why this trip was so seamless, is at the core of why the Series 5 exists – to enable people to live the life they choose, even if they want to risk it by jumping off a perfectly good bridge!

Follow the first part of my adventure that took me across to the North Island in New Zealand in the video below.


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