Alex Papanikolaou


Alex has used powerchairs for over 20 years and we like to call him our head of destructive testing. Alex has led the technical design for the Series 5 and has also taken it to the four corners of the globe. He enjoys pushing limits and redefining product expectations. Alex has an eye for the smallest design detail that makes a big difference in the real world.


Scott Savage

Technical Director

Scott is inspired by driving change through innovation. Over the last decade, Scott has designed and launched dozens of mass-market products internationally. He has a detailed understanding of design and engineering demands for technical products. His balance of engineering expertise, consideration for aesthetics and user experience has produced the industry-leading technology and one-of-a-kind design of the Series 5.

freedom one life design engineer

Gregor Aitken

Design Engineer

Gregor has a background in user-centred design for global mass manufactured products with a strong focus on user experience. Gregor is passionate about the small technical details that make a product special and leads the product design for new products at Freedom One Life. Gregor also has a keen-eye for social media and making incredible posts!

freedom one life designer

Chris Papanikolaou

Production and Procurement Engineer

Chris is currently finishing a physics and maths degree and is passionate about AI and how technology can improve lives. He is in charge of procurement, stock management, and meticulously assembling Series 5’s! He is also by no surprise Alex’s brother!


Matt Wilson

UK Sales Manager

Matt has years of sales experience in the medical device industry. He is passionate about understanding people’s needs and ensuring they get the best solution possible that enables their everyday life.


Louise Smets

Marketing Manager

Louise has been creating amazing content and managing marketing for products for disabled people for years and is passionate about embedding the real world story and experience of product users into everything we do.

freedom one life Stuart

Stuart Macdonald


Stuart is a business leader with a digital background and a strong commercial focus. He has a passion for helping young businesses accelerate their growth and has helped startups achieve seven-figure profits. Stuart advises Freedom One Life on sales, marketing and commercial focus.


Albert Nicholl

Strategic Adviser

Albert has spent his entire career in MedTech and held senior leadership positions in multinational corporates and has been involved in launching many innovative medical device products which make a real difference to the lives of the people who either use or are treated by those devices. Albert advises Freedom One Life on strategic board-level decisions.